Inside and outside of the classroom, Jewish holidays at Milken communicate joy, celebration, culture, community building, identity, learning, and leadership.  They enable us to live in dual realms of Jewish and American time.  Each holiday embodies core Jewish values. In educational language, the holidays are the spiral curriculum of the Jewish people.

Each holiday has a past (remembrance), a present (celebration/observance) and a future (imperative). The future of a holiday is its challenge—something to grapple with and grow into. Passover challenges usto leave Egypt over and over again, overcoming contemporary forms of oppression.The High Holidays challenge us to take stock and engage in teshuvah (growth, turning, repentance), repairing our relationships with others, ourselves, and God.

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A grade 7 - 12 college preparatory institution located in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values.