Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Learning at Milken Community School happens everywhere and with intention—it happens in classrooms, on trips, at programs, at home, online and offline and during activities. Learning at Milken is grounded in Jewish ideas, values, traditions and practices. Learning at Milken encompasses social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms. Learning at Milken is personal and communal—it is both the realization of who we are and whose we are. Learning at Milken grows from an educational philosophy that applies to our entire community of learners—our students, our faculty, our parents, our alumni and our leaders. This educational philosophy is articulated in the 10 belief statements below:

Our 10 Beliefs

List of 10 items.

  • We believe in intellectual excellence grounded in ethical responsibility.

  • We believe that critical thinking and problem-solving, innovation and iteration develop humility and self-efficacy.

  • We believe integration of Jewish texts, ideas and values leads to deep understanding of self and the world.

  • We believe that learning is enhanced through exploring and appreciating diversity.

  • We believe that learning is relational and communal.

  • We believe in meaningful learning with multiple entry points, multiple means of demonstrating knowledge and multiple definitions of success.

  • We believe that knowledge, ability, mindset and motivation are fluid and grow over time.

  • We believe in emotionally-responsive, developmentally-appropriate instructional choices, decisions and practices.

  • We believe that learning comes from setting ambitious goals that are learner-centered.

  • We believe that lifelong learning leads to joy and curiosity leads to scholarship.

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Milken is a vibrant academic home for diverse students from across Los Angeles. What they find here is an environment that emphasizes critical thinking, prioritizes personal development and fosters a sense of cohesive community. We invite you to get to know us better.