Student Services

Student Services

The Student Services team at Milken is based on a holistic approach and encompasses faculty and programs to support our students’ academic, social, emotional, physical, and mental wellness. With the understanding that all students benefit from support in some of these areas, we have created a robust and comprehensive  program designed to meet students where they are and to encourage them to grow and thrive in all areas.  

Led by our head of Student Services, our school-wide student support team includes four division counselors, seven division academic support faculty, the director of student life, and our Tarbut programming coordinator. Each plays a role in our supportive network, offering individual, group, and school-wide opportunities for students to develop critical lifelong skills, and to connect meaningfully to their community.  

The Student Services team partners with the Physical Education, Health, and Wellness Department, as well as with the school’s instructional and leadership teams to shape the student experience in school, both in and out of the classroom. In addition, the team works closely with experts in the community, faculty, and the parent body to ensure alignment with the latest research and best practices in the field.

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  • Academic Support

    Framed through the lens of our core value of Talmud Torah, pursuing academic excellence, the Academic Support Department aids all students in their journeys toward their educational goals. Made up of a team of Directors of Academic Support and Learning Specialists with a passion for academic accessibility, these experts work collaboratively with students, faculty/staff, and administration. The team oversees the development and generalization of Executive Functioning skills including; organization, time management, study strategies, and note-taking. Academic Support works to enrich advisory curriculum, oversees the implementation of student accommodations, and hosts 1-to-1 meetings with students in personalized sessions. Whether students need support after prolonged absences, struggle with self-advocacy, or want to refine their study habits, the services offered by the Academic Support Department are available to the entirety of the Milken Community.
  • Wellness Program

    Our Physical Education, Health, and Wellness program equips Milken students with a growth mindset. We focus on the health triangle, which is comprised of physical, emotional, and social health. In this way students gain a holistic view of health and develop life long health living skills. As students increase their physical fitness, they gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and learn to cultivate the habits and decision-making skills necessary to make healthy choices.
  • Advisory Program

    Milken’s Advisory is a program that provides students crucial support and direction on their path to academic, emotional, and social growth. An essential element of the Milken experience, Advisory surrounds each student with an intimate cohort of peers, under the guidance of dedicated adult mentors. Advisory meets two to three times per week to grapple with issues and themes related to adolescent academic and social development including orientation and community building, executive functioning, identity development, and wellness.

-Milken Graduate Class of 2019

The Milken Advisory program helped me grow as a student and provided me with important life skills to prepare for college and beyond.


Student Services Department

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  • Photo of Lisa Acker

    Dr. Lisa Acker 

    Head of Student Services
  • Photo of Hannah Aftalion

    Hannah Aftalion 

    Learning Specialist, Division 11-12
  • Photo of Jessica Alyesh

    Jessica Alyesh 

    Associate Counselor
  • Photo of Olivia Dunker

    Olivia Dunker 

    Director of Literacy
  • Photo of Sarah Farkas

    Sarah Farkas 

  • Photo of Rebecca Feinerman

    Rebecca Feinerman 

    Learning Specialist, Division 6-8
  • Photo of Max Greenberg

    Max Greenberg 

    Division Counselor, Grades 11-12
  • Photo of Caren Heller

    Caren Heller 

    Director of Student Life
  • Photo of Travis Kiley

    Travis Kiley 

    Learning Specialist, Division 9-10
  • Photo of Jessie Mallor

    Jessie Mallor 

    Jewish Studies Teacher & Tarbut Programming Coordinator
    310.440.3500 x3022
  • Photo of Lisa Mamos

    Lisa Mamos 

    Division Director of Academic Support, Grades 6-8
    310.903.4800 (x3571)
  • Photo of Stephen McKay

    Stephen McKay 

    Division Director of Academic Support, Grades 9-10
  • Photo of Audrey Morchy

    Audrey Morchy 

    Division Counselor, Grades 9-10
  • Photo of Ziva Silverstein

    Ziva Silverstein 

    Division Counselor, Grades 6-8
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