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Thank you for visiting MilkenSchool.org and learning more about Milken! Take a look and you will see across the landscape of Los Angeles schools Milken stands apart for our robust resources that equip students to excel on campus, and beyond their time with us.

What distinguishes Milken is our unparalleled commitment to truly knowing our students.  We put students at the center and we teach them that they are both incredibly capable, and instill in them the imperative of being ethically responsible. We are proud to educate students who think well, belong to something larger than themselves, and take positive action in our community, California, and the world. We accomplish this with an unparalleled commitment to truly knowing our students both for who they are today and who we know they can become. 

Our school is also a place where students are mentored by true experts in their field. Educators who are passionate about teaching with a commitment to our mission and values. They enable our students to pursue not only academic excellence but to discover new passions and forge lasting connections that will enable them to excel today and well into the future. 

Genuine relationships lead the way at Milken, which lead to meaningful learning and a warm, welcoming, joyful community of learners. Our philosophy is that each student is our own child and every family member a partner in fulfilling our mission. Once you visit our campus, you will see instantly that this is truly a special place and a sacred community. 

Welcome to Milken. I cannot wait to get to know you and meet your family. 

Sarah Shulkind
Head of School

Dr. Shulkind In Her Own Words

Dr. Sarah Shulkind

Dr. Shulkind graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a national award for her work in educational reform and research. Sarah earned her M.Ed. in teaching and curriculum from Harvard University and her doctorate in educational leadership from University of California, Los Angeles. She received the National Association of Secondary Schools Dissertation Award for her research on Middle Level Advisory Programs. Sarah has presented on curricular integration, reading comprehension, student-led conferences, advisory programs, academic achievement, parent education, personalization, differentiation, and service learning in local and national conferences. She has published articles in Education Leadership, Principal Leadership, and The Middle School Journal.


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Milken is a vibrant academic home for diverse students from across Los Angeles. What they find here is an environment that emphasizes critical thinking, prioritizes personal development and fosters a sense of cohesive community. We invite you to get to know us better.