In the middle school athletic program there is a clear “no cut” policy which guarantees that any student who wishes to participate on an athletic team will benefit from the opportunity of playing extensive minutes in every game that the team plays. Teams are formed and entered into the San Fernando Private School leagues at appropriate skill levels to ensure fair competition between students of varying skill and experience levels.

Participation is the key to the middle school athletic program. Winning and losing with humility, learning discipline and commitment to a team, developing skills, encountering leadership opportunities, and gaining enjoyment are the by product of participation in the program. These lessons also prepare student athletes for the more competitive upper school athletic program.

The following sports are offered to middle school students each year:
  • Fall Season
    Flag Football
    Girls Basketball
    Co-Ed Swimming
  • Winter Season
    Boys Basketball
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Soccer
    Co-Ed Golf Club
    Co-Ed Tennis Club
    Co-Ed Running Club
  • Spring Season
    Boys Volleyball
    Girls Volleyball

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A grade 7 - 12 college preparatory institution located in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values.