Tiyulim Week is an experiential education week during which classes are canceled so that students can participate in amazing off-campus learning opportunities. We are pleased to offer comprehensive and diverse tiyulim (trips) options from which to choose. Recent tiyulim have included:

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  • Amazon Rainforest Adventure

    Students travel to the Peruvian Amazon to explore ecology, community service, and adventure.
  • City of Angels?

    Students explore the underbelly of LA, learning about the social and environmental concerns plaguing our city.
  • El Capitan Outdoor Adventure

    This adventure-based tiyul includes stand-up paddleboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, and camping at El Capitan.
  • Float On

    Students learn to sail in Marina del Rey and complete sailing certification from the American Sailing Association.
  • Hopi Nation

    Students visit the Hopi Pueblo in Arizona where they camp, learn about Hopi culture and history, and complete service projects.
  • LA's Garment District

    Students explore the fashion industry through the lens of downtown Los Angeles.
  • New York Theatre

    Students travel to New York to explore theatre by seeing shows, meeting actors, and taking tours of famous theatres in the city.
  • Panama: Judaismo, Servicio y Amigos

    Students travel to Panama and stay with host families form Colegio Isaac Rabin, a pluralistic Jewish day school in Panama City.
  • Rebuilding New Orleans

    Students visit New Orleans to work on rebuilding homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Righteous Conversations

    Students meet Holocaust survivors and work with filmmakers to create PSAs with a positive message.

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