In supporting the mission and philosophy of the school, the Jewish Studies Department seeks to develop in our students three classical pillars, which can be represented as head (da’at), heart (lev), and hands (tzedek). Put simply, our goal is to enable our students to learn Judaism, love Judaism, and practice Judaism.

Within these inter-related realms, our aims are threefold:
  1. HEAD: Nurture life long Jewish learners with a sensitive and sophisticated capacity to learn a broad range of Jewish sources.
  2. HEART: Cultivate love and joy for Jewish learning and living, a commitment to God wrestling, a devotion to Jewish pluralism, and a deep connection to Israel and the Jewish people.
  3. HANDS: Foster active students who can interpret, integrate, and apply Jewish learning, values, and practices in order to refine the soul, renew the Jewish People, and repair God’s world.

Jewish Studies Across the Curriculum

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[In my Jewish Studies classes,] we were told to dive deep into texts, to disagree with them, to struggle with them, and to question ourselves every step of the way. Though at the time I thought I could only apply this sort of grappling to my work with Jewish texts, I now realize that the critical thought I began to actively take on in my Jewish Studies courses was the same critical thought that I began to apply outside of the classroom. What we were learning, in the midst of Maimonides and Rashi, was not how to be classically observant as a Jewish person, but how to be active, how to really feel yourself within whatever you were taking on, and how to grab hold of your life to empower yourself.

-Valedictorian Speech 2013

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Milken School is a college prep private day school in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values. This Jewish Day School serves students in grades 7-12.