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Supporting Students with the Leslie Sheldon Zola Science Scholarship

Established in 1990 by Sheila Zola Burman in memory of her son Leslie, The Leslie Sheldon Zola Science Scholarship was introduced as a vehicle to inspire and further develop students’ interest in the endless possibilities of science, technology, and aerospace. The Scholarship, supported by Zola’s family, friends, and the Stephen S. Wise Temple and Milken communities, initially awarded advanced science summer camp opportunities to individual students.
“My son loved to fly. It was his passion. It lifted his heart. It lifted his spirit,” explained Zola Burman. “The absence of this loving, vibrant young man with so much of a future and achievement before him has brought me to a goal of perpetuating his presence in the lives of other people.”
The scholarship has evolved through the years as Milken’s extraordinary STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) offerings have expanded by contributing funds to innovative programs that benefit both Middle and Upper School students.

The Scholarship also supports Team 1836 – The Milken Knights Robotics Team. Founded in 2005, the Milken Knights team has grown into a diverse group of passionate student innovators with the mission of building a bridge to the future through service learning, science, technology, relationships, engineering, arts, and mathematics. The team relies on outside funds to operate – from supplies, machinery, funds, travel expenses, and more –  as they travel to regional, national, and international competitions each year.  

The Milken community is invited to help keep the Leslie Sheldon Zola Science Scholarship alive through your support of Team 1836 – The Milken Knights. To make a tax-deductible gift, either in memory of Leslie Zola or in honor or memory of a loved one with similar passions, please make a secure credit-card online donation or contact the Office of Advancement at 310-440-3500.
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