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Shaina Pakravan ‘10 Embraces Iranian-American Culture in Short Films

Upon graduating from Milken in 2010, Shaina Pakravan attended New York University for Applied Psychology and Documentary Film. Today, she is an MFA candidate at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Shaina’s first short narrative film, "ROKSANA," premiered at the 2015 LA Shorts Fest and received numerous awards and recognition at various film festivals, both domestic and international. "ROKSANA" shows how nuanced the tradition of courtship and family approval can be within Iranian-American culture. Prior to studying at USC, Shaina’s award-winning documentary short, "HEATING UP" (2013) was acquired by Gaia TV for a three-year online distribution deal. Shaina is currently preparing to debut "ROYA," a short film she created for her master’s thesis that continues to tell the story of "ROKSANA."

Visit Shaina’s Kickstarter page to watch "ROKSANA" and "ROYA" here:

Read the full "Jewish Journal" article on Persian-Jewish courtship here:

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