Athlete Spotlight: Jack Baeck '22

Participation on a Milken athletic team carries certain responsibilities – both on and off the field. The Milken Athletics Department is proud to highlight athletes who embody the Wildcat spirit and represent the values of our community.

: Jack Baeck
Grade: 12th
Sport: Cross Country
Leadership Role: Captain
What sets this student apart as an individual athlete? 
As an athlete, Jack makes a commitment and follows through. Sophomore year he decided he would run. He liked being on the team, but was really slow and out of shape. But, we had a talk and he made a choice to improve and do better. He improved times immensely that season and then never stopped. He applied himself on his own in the off season and got in great shape. Then kept going through COVID and ran year round, up to running a half marathon last summer before our current season even started. His times for 3 miles since sophomore year have dropped from about 33-35 minutes down to almost 19 minutes flat at league finals. In minutes per mile, that's probably about a 4 minute increase in speed per mile.

How does this student contribute to the team, sport, athletic program, or Milken community as a whole? 

Jack is wholly committed to this team. He makes sure he knows everyone, encourages everyone, goes out of his way to be organized and remind everyone of whatever they need to know about COVID testing, what they need for practice or meets, etc. Jack provides a crucial role model for the team as well. He's punctual and ready always, and positive with everyone. In the off season he got his miles in and ran a half marathon over the summer before the season started. What better example could he set? During the season he works hard and has improved his times every year on the team. On slack, he's super communicative and does his best to rally the team for whatever we need. As a coach, he's been so nice to have as captain, as it takes a lot of details off my plate.
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  • Janine Mondshine
    Jack you are an inspiration and have what it takes to succeed in life.
  • Faye Baeck
    So impressive. Jack is outstanding in every way and we are so proud of him
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