Adina Rosenberg '12 is Raising Awareness

Adina Rosenberg ‘12 graduated from Milken with a solid foundation in her core values of compassion, integrity, and service. Working in a high school every day, she now sees how formative both direct and indirect learning were during her years at Milken. Engaging with Milken’s Integrated program in 11th and 12th grades helped Adina grow in new and meaningful ways. She recalled, "participating in YOZMA gave roots to my commitment to service and celebrating during Oneg taught me the joy Judaism can bring.”

After graduation, Adina attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Special Education (specializing in severe and multiple disabilities) with a minor in Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students. During college, Adina performed in an improv comedy troupe for four years and competed nationally. She was also an active participant and leader in her local Best Buddies chapter and Next Steps, Vanderbilt's four-year higher education program for students with intellectual disabilities.

After completing her degree, Adina relocated to Seattle, WA to teach in the Bellevue School District. She currently teaches at Interlake High School in a life skills special education classroom. Her class goes off campus every day to intern and participate in vocational training at local businesses (e.g. Trader Joe's, Humane Society, aquatic center, community center).  In addition to teaching, she is one of the special education department leads and a member of the school’s leadership team.

Adina is involved in curriculum development for both the Bellevue School District and the State of Washington. During Summer 2017, Adina wrote a 150-lesson adaptive skills curriculum for students with significant disabilities relating to recreational, leisure, adaptive, and vocational skills. She is currently collaborating with the district safety team to develop accessible active shooter training for students, as well as with district health curriculum developers to modify and adapt mental and sexual health curricula for her students.

During Summer 2018, Adina worked as a consultant for the Washington Governor's Office of Education Ombuds. She developed The One Out of Five Project (OO5), a free resource to teach about disability history and awareness across the state, specifically during Washington’s Disability History Month in October. This resource was designed to humanize the experience of disability, highlight the importance of building inclusive school communities, and make teaching and learning about disability accessible to all teachers, students, and community members regardless of background and experience. OO5 centers around student-voice and was built in collaboration with Rooted in Rights, the video production team of Disability Rights Washington. Reflecting on the early stages of the project, Adina she noted “I was the only member of the team working on this curriculum without a disability, and had to confront and learn about my own ableism in the process.”

Adina has been a guest lecturer at University of Washington and Seattle University, and tabled for this project at the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice in Portland, OR this past fall. Adina plans to continue expanding The One Out of Five Project this summer, and is seeking new funding and partnerships to make this possible.
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