Ron Reitshtein '02 & Danielle Cohen '02

Ron Reitshtein and Danielle Cohen are Milken alumni whose journey from friendship to love exemplifies the deep connections that can form from a high school friendship. Their story is not just about the blossoming of a relationship but about how shared values and common backgrounds lay the foundation for a lasting bond. 
As a shy, self-described nerdy ninth grader, Ron was immediately attracted to Danielle but doubted the possibility of a connection, seeing her as "out of his league." They began to spend time together as their friend groups intertwined. Danielle, on her part, found Ron funny and cute, marking the beginning of a friendship that would shape their lives. Attending different universities—Danielle at the University of Wisconsin and Ron at UCLA—they were in a long-distance relationship that was strengthened through AIM and phone calls, an early testament to their relationship's foundation on strong communication. Their bond deepened further when they studied abroad together in Florence, adding memories to their evolving love story.
After eight years of dating, a period that involved Ron graduating from law school and Danielle from FIDM, they were engaged. Today, they reside just a few blocks away from Milken, the very place where their love story began. The proximity to the Milken campus serves as a constant reminder of their journey and remains a central point between their families. Ron and Danielle are now parents to three children, Aria, Emery, and Rowan, with Aria following in their footsteps by applying to Milken. 
On February 11, 2024, they all attended The Annual Alumni Family Day at The Milken Campus, which they said was a "special day, filled with inside jokes and stories about their time at Milken," an annual event that keeps their history alive and allows alumni to share their legacy with their children. The couple shared that the "school has undergone significant changes since their time," with facilities like the Guerin Family Institute and FabLab leaving them in awe, yet the community aspect that brought them together remains the same.

Their circle of friends, many of whom are Milken alumni, plays a significant role in their lives, eliminating the common struggle of balancing friendships. This shared history has created a unique dynamic, where their friends are not just witnesses to their love story but also members of their journey. 

For Danielle and Ron, Milken was more than just a school; it was the foundation that shaped their lives. Their relationship, rooted in the commonality of their experiences and the ease of being together, stands as a testament to the enduring power of love, friendship, and the shared values instilled in them by their community.
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