At Milken, experiential learning is essential, and, therefore grade-level Tiyulim (trips) are a required component of our curriculum. Some learning can only happen outside the classroom--the kind of learning that is absolutely essential in developing students who think well, belong to something greater than themselves and take positive action. Students require a diverse array of challenges and experiential opportunities in order to develop fully and we value experiential learning so highly because the growth opportunity is immense. 

During experiential learning programs students:
  • Distill their learning and growth through a variety of learning modalities
  • Take risks, move beyond previous boundaries, and build confidence
  • Think beyond themselves
  • Engage in opportunities for leadership
  • Explore friendships and build community
  • Understand the value of being present for others
Each trip has been carefully planned to correlate with students' grade-level academic curriculum and essential question, and to offer opportunities for community building and service learning. 

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  • Grade 9 - Santa Cruz Island Tiyul

    Throughout the 9th grade year, we explore the question, “How do I/we create a safe, productive, and meaningful community?” During Tiyulim Week, students leave the comforts of home to explore this question in nature.
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  • Grade 10 - Rebuilding New Orleans Tiyul

    Throughout the 10th grade year, we explore the question, “How do I/we face challenges and make difficult decisions?” During Tiyulim Week, students will explore what happens when individuals and communities face the challenges posed by a devastating natural disaster, and its long aftermath.
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  • Grade 11 - Civil Rights Tiyul through the American South

    Throughout their junior year, students explore the questions, “What are my/our social and political responsibilities as Jews in America?” In the context of their core curriculum, we explore issues of American identity through the lens of history, literature and language, and Judaism.  
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    • New Orleans 2018

      Tiyulim Week

      New Orleans 2018

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Milken School is a college prep private day school in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values. This Jewish Day School serves students in grades 7-12.

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