Jewish Life

Jewish life on campus is vibrant, dynamic, inclusive and accessible. From daily kehillah time to holiday celebrations and more, at Milken, we don’t just study Jewish texts, we live them.

Our students are committed to tradition, innovation and Torah – to living Jewishly and to defining for themselves what that means. In addition to practicing traditional, liberal and experimental forms of prayer and reflection, they discover identity (and the relationship between mind, body and soul) through arts, music, drama, sports, dance and retreats. 

At Milken, our community celebrates the cycles and rhythms of Jewish time. Spiritual practice here helps our students develop their own aggadah (narrative or story) and open up personal pathways to a relationship with the divine.

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  • Holidays

    Jewish holidays at Milken are a celebration of culture, community, identity, learning and leadership. They allow us to explore core Jewish values and enable us to live in dual realms of Jewish and American time. In educational language, the holidays are the spiral curriculum of the Jewish people.

    Each holiday has a past, a present and a future. Learning to find meaning in our moment – to reinterpret a holiday, teasing out its relevance to our modern age – can be both challenge and opportunity. Our students grapple with the challenge and grow together, forging unshakeable connections to holiday observance and Jewish communal life.
  • Beit Midrash Fellowship

    The Beit Midrash Fellowship is an innovative program built on three components: Jewish learning, social justice leadership and celebration and community. Students develop higher-level skills for learning classical Jewish texts and commentaries, ultimately creating sophisticated, integrated, text-based presentations on contemporary social, political, ethical or personal issues. They build a joyous, caring community, celebrating Rosh Chodesh, Shabbatonim and holidays. An essential component of the fellowship is integrating Jewish learning with service, reflection and teaching, as well as developing leadership projects within the larger Milken, Los Angeles and global communities.
  • 2.0neg

    Every Friday, Milken students create an experience called 2.0neg. A beloved part of the Milken experience, 2.0neg provides students a time to relate, talk, play and hang as regular human beings. 2.0negs are often themed to various school and religious parts of the year including celebrations of Purim, Tu B’Shvat and the Persian new year, Nowruz.
  • Nafshi

    Every Friday, Middle School students celebrate and learn together, delving into a spiral curriculum of Jewish workshops. Throughout the year, they explore topics including b’nai mitzvah, tallit and tefillin, Torah, challah baking, music and more.
  • Shabbaton

    Spirited worship, deep discussions, meaningful reflection – these are just a few of the things Milken students experience at the Upper School Shabbaton. An opportunity for students to bond and have fun away from essays, study groups and exams, the Shabbaton allows them to get out into nature and celebrate with friends in their cohort. It is a cornerstone of school community building.

Connect With Us

At Milken Community School, we think education is more than what you know. Our School, founded on Jewish values, is about who our children can become and how they can help others become who they might be. Because the world our children will create tomorrow is born in the School we build today, our mission is to educate our children so they can surpass us.