June 21 - July 26

There is no school Monday & Tuesday, July 3 & 4.

The Summer Session at Milken Community Schools is available only to enrolled Milken students. Courses allow students to remediate, enrich, or accelerate their course work while they are students at Milken.

All courses meet every weekday, at the times outlined below. Please note that elective courses need a minimum enrollment of six (6) students.

$625/half-day course (8:15 - 10:25 AM or 10:35 AM - 12:45 PM)
$1,250/full-day course (8:15 AM - 12:45 PM)

Attendance Policy
To earn High School Credit for Summer Session course work the following criteria apply:
  • Only one (1) absence is permitted; students will not receive credit upon the second absence.
  • Only three (3) tardies or early dismissals are permitted; students will not receive credit upon the fourth tardy or early dismissal.
  • Students with absences and/or tardies that exceed the number permitted are invited to continue attending the class as an audit. Students who audit a course will not earn transcript credit for the course.
To audit a course or to take as a non-credit course the following criteria apply:
  • Attendance is at the discretion of the parents.
  • Regular attendance is encouraged for an optimal learning experience.
  • Audited courses are subject to full tuition.

Upper School Options

Milken offers two types of courses during the summer to Milken students entering grades 9 - 12 in Fall 2017:

Academic Courses

Academic courses require approval from the student's Academic Planner/College Counselor. Courses include Physics, US History, Health, and Personal Fitness. If a student has not already requested these courses during their academic planning meeting, he/she should schedule an appointment with his/her Academic Planner/College Counselor. To schedule an appointment, contact the Office of College Counseling & Academic Planning at 310.903.5710.

Elective Courses
Elective courses do not require approval from the student's Academic Planner. Milken students interested in registering for these full-day courses should use the Upper School Registration form on this webpage.
  • Intro to Comp Sci & Design

    Course Code: SC1415
    Entering Grades:
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisites: None
    Most people have technology, many know how to use it, but few know how to make something with it. In this course, students will have the opportunity to use today's technology and manipulate it to create their own products such as video games, apps, websites, and more. Students will get hands-on experience building computer programming and computational thinking skills through working with languages and tools like visual drag-and-drop programming, Arduino, HTML, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Java. No prior experience with coding is necessary, only interest and enthusiasm. This course is not a CSU/UC approved elective.
  • Latin I

    Course Code: LA1401
    Entering Grades:
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisites: None
    Students learn methods for comprehending increasingly challenging Latin passages through daily practice in reading, translation, and the study of Latin grammar fundamentals and vocabulary. Students study the complexities of Latin word order, noun declensions, verbal conjugations, and they develop a facility with translation and analysis of complex sentences. Frequent study of Latin derivations and cognates helps develop English vocabulary skills and strengthen each student’s understanding of English and other languages’ grammar. Furthermore, Latin allows each student to discover the debt that Western Civilization owes to Greco-Roman culture, strengthening and enriching their understanding of science and the humanities. Emphasis is placed on reading Latin aloud with proper pronunciation and intonation. Listening skills are developed through the dictation of Latin words, sentences and stories. Finally, daily life and culture are explored as students make their way through the chapter stories which center on a wealthy Roman living in the city of Pompeii during the first century C.E. Legend, mythology, and history focus on the founding of Rome and the ruling periods of the Monarchy and early Republic.
  • Spanish I

    Course Code: SP1401
    Entering Grades:
    9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisites: None
    Spanish I is the first level in a communication-based curriculum that integrates the development of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through the use of conversational and written activities, audio activities, videos, the Internet, songs, games, and projects, students learn to communicate meaningfully with peers from the Spanish-speaking world. Through thematically based units, vocabulary and grammar are integrated into all daily activities and assignments. Students complete the present tense. Students also learn about the diverse aspects of Hispanic culture. The World Language Department is guided by the belief that the acquisition of languages will promote students understanding of human experience, history, culture and expression. Through the acquisition of languages, we strive to foster esteem for life long learning (Lishma), a sense of global community, and a strong tie to ameliorate the world (Tikkun Olam) through improved communication of a common vision.


Middle School Options

Milken offers two elective courses to Milken students entering grades 7 - 8 in Fall 2017. Milken students interested in registering for these half-day courses should use the Middle School Registration form on this webpage.

  • Reading Workshop

    Course Code: EN1402
    Entering Grades:
    7 - 8
    Prerequisites: None
    Reading Workshop is a student-friendly course designed to equip participants with strategies to be successful readers in middle school and beyond. Students will read young adult novels and practice skills, such as annotating, questioning, clarifying, and metacognitive thinking. As students continue through the course, they will also implement essential organizational and study strategies.
  • Math Fundamentals

    Course Code: MA1404
    Entering Grades:
    7 - 8
    Prerequisites: None
    This course reviews the important arithmetic skills; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions through problem-solving and critical thinking activities. Topics include number theory, measurement, estimation, geometry, ratio, proportions, percents, probability, statistics, and integers. The curriculum emphasizes connections within mathematics and to other disciplines, develops concepts through real-world applications, and encourages independent and cooperative learning. This is an enrichment course, not for credit.



Please contact Director of Summer School Sonny Ahad (sahad@milkenschool.org) or Assistant Director of Summer School Jonathan Raup (jraup@milkenschool.org).

Registration and payment for Elective Courses must be submitted online. Electronic submission of the registration form obligates parents to pay Milken the full amount of tuition for the Summer Session. Payment will reserve a space for Student at Milken for the 2017 Summer Session. A confirmation email will be sent upon completion of the registration process.

Registration and payment forms for Upper School Academic Courses will be made available in myMilken to the parents of students approved for courses.


Payment/Refund Policy
Payment for courses must be paid in full upon registration. Refunds are only available for registrations that are withdrawn prior to June 5, 2017. Registrations withdrawn between June 5, 2017 and June 16, 2017 are eligible for a 70% refund. No refunds will be made after June 16, 2017, regardless of student attendance. Payment for registration in courses that do not meet minimum enrollment and are, therefore, terminated will be refunded.

School Information

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    Tel 310.903.4800

Upper School Campus
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Milken School is a college prep private day school in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values. This Jewish Day School serves students in grades 7-12.