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  • October

    Michelle Shane Kallen '03 Appointed Deputy Solicitor General

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  • September

    Aiden Stark ‘09 Litigates for the US Navy

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  • August

    Thaïs Miller '06 is a Creative Writing Maven

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  • July

    Shalev Netanel ‘07 Traverses the Globe

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  • June

    Alumni Survey: Make Your Voice Heard!

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  • Clarity on the Change to Milken's Hebrew and Jewish Studies Requirement

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  • May

    Michael Goldsmith '06 and Lisa Schlesinger '06

    A Match Made at Milken!

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  • Adam Stark '13 with BB-8 from Star Wars

    Enjoying "The View" with Adam Stark '13

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  • Maya Aharon ‘04

    March of the Living with Maya Aharon '04

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  • April

    Ashley Yeshoua

    Ashley Yeshoua ’17 Continues to Climb the Innovation Ladder

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  • Saba Amid and Brandon Ptasznik

    Saba Amid ’17 and Brandon Ptasznik ’17 Elected to Senate

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  • Sean Rad

    Sean Rad ’04 Set Out to Write History

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  • March

    Brandon Yeshoua ’15

    Brandon Yeshoua ’15 Seeks Challenges and Balance

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  • Jessica (Friedman) Breton '00 on Mental Health of Young Adults

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  • Joey Freeman

    Joey Freeman ‘09 Demonstrates the Value of Public Service

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  • February


    Edward Heikali ’07 Invests in Opportunity Coast-to-Coast

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  • Jaye Kasper

    Jaye Kasper ’07 on Cultural Awareness and the Law

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  • Tammy Shine '17

    Tammy Shine '17 Preserves History

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  • January

    David Fischel '04

    David Fischel ’04 Leads a Life-Saving Tech Company

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  • Mark Gurman '12

    Mark Gurman ’12 is Your Go-To Tech Guru

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  • Miri Cypers '04

    Miri Cypers ’04 Stands Up for Social Justice

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Milken School is a college prep private day school in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values. This Jewish Day School serves students in grades 7-12.

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