Alumni Spotlight

Milken alumni continue to make amazing contributions to our community and the world and embody the "portrait of a Milken graduate." We couldn't be prouder to share some of these exceptional achievements.

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  • Ami Fields-Meyer '12

    Ami started Emory College “undecided,” but through the liberal arts environment, he became a History major with a minor in African American studies. He also began the ground-breaking student group TableTalk, bringing students from different backgrounds together for engaging, authentic conversations around tough topics like race, religion, and cultural norms. Read and watch Ami’s story.

  • Kaley Zeitouni '04

    Since moving to Israel, Kaley has made a huge mark as the COO of the startup non-profit, The Elevation Project. Read a recent feature on how Kaley is Spreading Positivity and Spirituality Throughout the World.
  • Raymond Nourmand, Ph.D. '02

    A licensed clinical psychologist and adjunct professor at American Jewish University in the Department of Psychology, Raymond teaches undergraduate students about the causes and treatments for various behavioral, social, psychological, and emotional struggles. Read a recent article featured on The Skribe: People-Pleasing: What Are You Really Trying To Do?

  • Max Aruj ‘07

    Millions of people love music, but learning to play an instrument takes time and dedication. For Max, music has always been more than an enjoyable hobby. His interest in the field began when he took up piano lessons at the age of 6 and his early exposure to music opened up an avenue towards a career.
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  • Barbara Schloss ‘11

    Barbara Schloss, a Milken Community Schools alumna from the class of 2011, is attending MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts as an Engineering student. She focuses her time in the field of Aviation & Aerospace, working at Virgin Galactic, Draper Laboratory. Following is a phenomenal article written about Schloss by Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group.
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  • Nicolette Mason ‘04

    Nicolette Mason is a Los Angeles native living and working in New York City. She received her college education from Parsons New School for Design in 2008, with a BA in Design and Management.
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Skyler Gisondo ’14 was recently interviewed on KTLA5
He discussed his upcoming films and explained how Robin Williams and Ben Stiller helped him secure a date for the prom.
Watch the video here >


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