Nofim, an Israel education curriculum, offers an interdisciplinary approach to Israel studies, combining aspects of geography, history, social sciences, arts, and politics. Encompassing seventh through twelfth grades, the spiral structure of Nofim allows students to revisit focal topics from different angles at a growing level of depth and sophistication suitable to their age level and development.

Grades 7-8: Crossroads
The goal of Crossroads is to build the core narrative of the connections between the people and the land of Israel throughout the ages. Lessons include entering the land, sovereignty, exile, returning to Zion, rebuilding, and defending. Students will be called upon to examine these terms and their relevance to their own lives today.

Grade 9-10: Sites and Sources
‘Sites and Sources’ invites students to revisit the historical narrative connecting sites, texts, and major historical events. Students are encouraged to look into challenging texts and the context they were created in. What makes a site sacred? How is the memory of past events kept and how is it carried into the present? Can the same text be read through multiple lenses? As we move again through the history of two millennia into the present, students explore new events and places to add their own reading and interpretation to this ever unfolding story.

Grades 11-12: Scene and Society
‘Scene and Society’ deals with the multi-faceted dynamics of contemporary Israeli society. Modern day Israel creates challenges and complicated situations for all of its inhabitants: Religious and Secular, Arabs and Jews, Russian and Ethiopian immigrants, a multitude of political parties, and above all its loaded relations with its neighbors. Study units focus on a particular scene and the unique drama it contains. In addition to standard learning sources, students make active use of the media. Students and educators will monitor daily news as they unfold and learn how to critically analyze and evaluate their findings.

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Milken School is a college prep private day school in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values. This Jewish Day School serves students in grades 7-12.