Camp X is the premier camp for budding designers, programmers, artists, and entrepreneurs ages 9-14 who want to explore, discover, and create!

Are you ready for the best summer ever? Then join us at Camp X! Camp X at Milken is an incredible place. Campers come to Camp X from all over Los Angeles to have a blast, make new friends, and learn new *mind-blowing* skills! Every week at Camp X is different; our campers learn how to design their way through complex challenges and explore Los Angeles through a different lens each week!

Camp X Dates

June 15 - July 17

Camp Day:
8:00AM - 3:30PM


Camp Staff

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  • Week 1: Transportation

    Ever wondered how we make planes fly? How we go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds? Come to Transportation week! Through super cool design challenges our campers will learn everything there is to know about planes, trains, and automobiles, and might even invent some of their own vehicles!
  • Week 2: Jurassic

    Jurassic technology you say? Join us for a week of exploring our ancestors, the great dinosaurs! We'll get an up-close look at them and then build our own dinosaurs and explore early technology!
  • Week 3: Superheroes

    Are you constantly trying to leap over buildings with a single bound? Do you constantly catch villains? Come to Superhero week! All week long we're going to explore what it means to be a hero and make some gadgets to help you catch those sneaky villains! Plus: we're going on a super secret mission!
  • Week 4: Intergalactic

    It's time friends for the journey of a lifetime; this week we're going to outer space! Join us as we learn how to cruise the stars, design innovative machines that help navigate terrain across the solar system.
  • Week 5: Time Travel

    Gather together with your friends and travel backward through time! Learn how to capture time and be its master! Design your own time machine, learn about quantum physics and end your summer at Camp X with a bang!

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  • Do I have to send my child to Milken Community Schools to be a part of Camp X?

    All students from ages 9-14 are welcome at Camp X regardless of their current school.
  • What does Camp X cost?

    Camp X registration is available by week or as a 5-week bundle. 
    1 Week at Camp X is $549 (with a discount is registered before April 1)
    Aftercare is an additional $100 a week.
    The 5 Week Bundle receives %10 off the total price of registration. 
    Aftercare is also available in a bundle with a %10 discount.

    * Milken Community Schools employees receive a 50% discount.
    * Jewish communal employees receive a 25% discount when they apply with a known '.org' email address.
  • What does the average day look like at Camp X?

    Every day at Camp X is a little different. Some days we'll begin with design challenges, others at a museum, and others with open creative time in our state-of-the-art makerspace. Everyday your camper will be exposed to new technologies, try their hand at different design methods, and imagine new ways to interact with the world around them.

    We also offer the activities listed here: 
    Camp-wide games, fabrication, laser engraving, Vinyl Cutter, CNC routing, 3D Printing, virtual reality exploration and design, Computer Assisted Design, photography and photo editing, music-making & editing, coding, rock climbing, sports, storytelling and presentation, t-shirt making, field trips, and so much more!
  • My child likes to build things but has not yet been trained on laser cutters or 3D printers. What do they need to know to participate?

    No previous experience with any equipment is required to attend Camp X. Our staff excels at helping students understand how our advanced machinery works and use them for their camp projects.
  • Can my child be with their friend in camp?

    Campers are divided into groups but will interact together throughout the day. Rest assured, if your camper would like to be with their friend, we will do everything we can to accommodate.
  • I'd like to contact someone at Camp X, how do I do that?

    We'd love to say hi! Please reach out to Chris Scarlata, Camp X Director at
  • What time are dropoff and pickup?

    The camp day is from 8:30-3:30, with aftercare available until 5pm. Aftercare registration is an add-on to the regular camp experience and can be added during Camp X registration.
  • What does my child do for lunch everyday?

    Kosher lunch is provided by Camp X for all participants. A menu will be shared with families prior to each week of camp. If a camper needs an alternative meal, please be in touch with the camp director 1 week in advance of camp. 
  • Do you provide transportation to field trips?

    All transportation is provided to activities during camp including field trips.
  • Does my student have to attend all days or a certain number of weeks?

    Camp X is broken into five week-long sessions. Families can sign up for any number of weeks. It is highly recommended that students attend every day of a given week to get the most out of the experience. We are proud of our camp's structure because we believe it to be a great way to encourage friendships, create incredible memories, and most importantly, for your child to have a blast at camp. In order to do that, we need our campers in attendance for the entire week, whenever possible.
  • Do you offer any type of financial aid?

    At this time, we do not offer financial aid. We do have discounts available to those who sign up before April 1 as well as a bundle package!
  • Do you offer a multi-week discount?

    A discount is available for families who sign up for 5 (for an individual child) at the time of registration.
  • Do you prorate fees for missed days or weeks if my child cannot attend?

    Our team designed each week-long experience to have students participate in all activities, so we do not prorate for missed days in a given week. 

    If your child misses a week of camp, with advance notice we can apply their registration to another week of camp.
  • Can I make a deposit or partial payment for my child's camp?

    At this time partial payments for weeks are not available on our registration system.

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