Signature & Capstone Programs

Signature Programs That Set Us Apart

Milken’s Signature Programs expose students to emerging trends and equip them to transform how we live as a global society. Our school is renowned for its emphasis on innovative excellence and its dedication to helping students invent the fields of the future. Milken’s signature programs apply our educational philosophy and contain the three key elements of our portrait of a graduate--think well, belong to something greater than yourself, and take positive action. Rooted in academic coursework, signature programs are curricular, co-curricular, and extra curricular.

Milken's Signature Programs

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  • Mitchell Academy of Science+Technology (MAST)

    Mitchell Academy of Science+Technology  (MAST) prepares students to pioneer new frontiers of scientific discovery. Through MAST, they access extraordinary elective and extracurricular opportunities that inspire and motivate them for success. In collaboration with Milken’s Innovation & Fabrication and Science Departments, MAST offers students a wide variety of programs in advanced research and design, computer science, engineering and robotics.
  • Architecture + Design Institute

    Architecture + Design Institute is a national leader in preparing students with a comprehensive foundation in product and structural design. Using mathematical, scientific, and artistic processes, students harness creative solutions to real-world problems, learning from professional architects and designers through presentations, panels, field trips, and hands-on experiences in the community. Courses include design arts, graphic design, fashion design and architectural design.
  • Beit Midrash Fellowship

    Beit Midrash Fellowship is an advanced, innovative Jewish studies program that integrates high-level text learning, social action, leadership, community-building and celebration. Beit Midrash students develop sophisticated teaching on contemporary personal and social issues, enrich the Jewish life of the larger Milken community, and work together to develop the Global Beit Midrash program, enabling Jewish teenagers from around the world to connect, collaborate, and create.
  • Finance and Entrepreneurship Program

    The Finance and Entrepreneurship Program thrives with a spirit of innovation, attuning students to the needs of a changing marketplace and equipping them with skills of creative problem solving, leadership and innovation. Students who are bold, brave, think out of the box and seek academically rigorous elective courses are perfect candidates for this program. They have the opportunity to explore finance and investing at an introductory level or dive deeply into advanced investing and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Storytellers

    Storytellers utilizes writing as a form of art and self-expression. Refining ideas, studying successful works, and forming a nurturing community are cornerstones of the program. Students experiment with a variety of writing forms, from feature-length screenplays to short stories and poems. By participating in writing workshops and storytelling events, students learn how to provide thoughtful and caring critiques. Through elective writing courses, students develop their own creative process as they navigate different genres within the creative writing space.

Signature Space

Milken is also home to our Signature Space, the Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab, housing an MIT-inspired Fab Lab, a groundbreaking place for student exploration and invention. The Fab Lab includes a computer aided design (CAD) lab, an engineering lab, and a cutting-edge classroom, enabling students to redefine possibilities in programming and design. 

Division Capstone Programs

Milken is also known for its incredible capstone programs that are our mission in action, the application of our core values, and the realization of our educational philosophy. Capstone programs are an expression of the learning and growth during each students’ time in a division. 

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  • Division 6-8: X-Project

    A highlight of the middle school experience, X-Projects are high-caliber, open-ended explorations of real-world issues as seen through the lenses of entrepreneurship, innovation, and design. The program empowers students to develop critical thinking skills needed for a lifetime of growth and success. X-Projects are part of Milken’s X-Learning program, which blends traditional and progressive teaching practices to encourage students to link learning to their specific interests. Students identify something they want to learn more about or a problem they want to solve. These “Xplorations” allow them to learn about the topic and to get to know
    the leaders in a given field.
  • Division 9-10: Tiferet Israel Fellowship

    Tiferet Israel Fellowship brings students to live and study for a semester at Alexander Muss High School in Hod Hasharon, Israel during their 10th grade year. Tiferet fellows engage in learning inside and outside of the classroom as they continue Milken’s full college preparatory program in addition to the place based curriculum in Jewish and Israel studies provided at Muss. Students travel each week, immerse themselves in the language and culture of Israel, engage in service learning, and learn to live independently in a dorm setting. Students must apply and be accepted to this program. 
  • Division 11-12: Masa Senior Capstone Program

    This brand new program invites students to reflect on the Grade 12 Essential Question, “What am I (metaphorically) taking with me and what am I leaving behind as I head to college and beyond?” With the focus on senior preparation and legacy, the senior class has the opportunity to apply to participate in one of four distinct Masa Pathways: 
    • Deli and Herb Weisberg Israel Advocacy Leadership Circle: Seniors will learn, explore, and teach on topics around Israel on college campuses, the concerning rise of antisemitism in our country, and building a meaningful connection to Israel. Learn more.
    • Vatikim Mentor Program: Seniors will advise and shape Milken school culture through work as mentors for the 9th grade class, while reflecting on central aspects of their own Milken experience and learning Jewish texts to deepen their activities.
    • Milken Interns Program: Seniors will take part in our school’s individualized internship experience while building their career skill set and integrating their Jewish values into the professional setting.
    • Beit Midrash Fellows: Seniors will culminate their Beit Midrash program by developing a unique project to contribute to the Jewish world.

-Grade 11 A+DI Student

When I saw a building, I didn’t know what went into it such as design plans, materials, and figuring out how to make it sustainable. Now I know how they work. I’ve learned so much in this class and it has really helped me use my creativity.

Tiferet Israel Fellowship Highlights

Finance + Entrepreneurship

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At Milken Community School, we think education is more than what you know. Our School, founded on Jewish values, is about who our children can become and how they can help others become who they might be. Because the world our children will create tomorrow is born in the School we build today, our mission is to educate our children so they can surpass us.