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Milken is a national leader in educational innovation, equipping students with cutting-edge tools for 21st century success. Our groundbreaking programs and initiatives help them see problems differently, conceptualizing fresh approaches that put them on a path to exciting and impactful discovery.

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  • Teachers helping students explore x-learning discipline


    A unique program that connects students’ learning to their interests, X-Learning involves the Middle School community in the design process, engaging them to solve real-world problems and cultivating their abilities as innovators and entrepreneurs. The program harnesses the power of immersive learning, giving students access to a leading-edge Makerspace that allows them to master vital design principles.
  • kids play with a robot for a competition


    Designed to spark imagination and creativity, Milken’s Makerspace introduces students to fundamental skill-building projects such as soft circuitry and design challenges they can explore either individually or in teams. Our digital design and fabrication tools range from simple screwdrivers to state-of-the art 3D printers and a laser cutter. In the Makerspace, our students have the freedom to develop an innovator’s mindset and the competence to build whatever they can dream.
  • student prepares to display and present his project

    MIX (Milken Innovator’s Xpo)

    Each year, eighth grade students showcase their X-Learning work at the Milken Innovator’s Xpo (MIX), an opportunity to share the results of year-long, independent passion projects. Students have started businesses, developed apps and created gadgets. Seventh graders participate, as well, offering insights into their X-Learning experience and displaying what they have done.

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