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Milken’s signature programs equip students with leading-edge skills to transform how we learn and live as a global society. From robotics to environmental science to sports medicine, we expose students to emerging trends and give them hands-on opportunities to pioneer new horizons. Our school is renowned for its emphasis on innovative excellence and its dedication to helping students invent the fields of the future.

Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab

The FabLab contains state-of-the-art equipment
Following a comprehensive, $6.2 million renovation, the Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab at Milken officially opened In September 2016. The state-of-the-art facility's makeover was part of the school’s ongoing commitment to advancing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, promoting innovative technologies and embracing Milken’s position as a leader in secondary education.

Located on Milken’s Upper School campus, the Guerin Family Institute houses the area’s only MIT-inspired Fab Lab. A groundbreaking home for student exploration and invention, the Fab Lab includes a computer-aided design (CAD) lab, an engineering lab and a cutting-edge classroom, enabling students to redefine possibilities in programming and design.

The Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, a milling machine and key programming tools, nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation by empowering students to give life to imagination. Spurred on by their work here, many Milken students enter into national and international competitions, often walking away with prestigious awards and recognition.

Featuring open spaces meant to foster collaboration and support the free flow of creative ideas, the facility is a hub at Milken, connecting students and faculty with each other and with a global community of professional and educational resources. Members of our community from across disciplines access the technology and training available, leveraging what they learn to push the boundaries of next-generation discovery.

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  • Students work on the robot for FIRST robotics competition


    Thanks to a generous donation from the Edward D. and Anna Mitchell Family Foundation and the Kayla Mitchell Foundation, the Mitchell Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) launched in 2003 to transform science education for Milken students.

    MAST provides Milken students with extraordinary elective and extracurricular opportunities. In tandem with our Science Department, MAST provides a wide variety of programs in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, sports medicine, environmental science and neuroscience. Access and support are key pillars of MAST: students receive encouragement and professional guidance as they create their own advanced research projects.

    The MAST room – a fully functional science lab – is located in our Science Department quad at the heart of Milken’s campus, which also features lab spaces specially designed to support our biology, chemistry and physics programs. It’s a hub of teaching and learning positioned directly between the Esther and Sol Smith Family Library and the Guerin Family Institute, giving students access to state-of-the-art research databases, design software, engineering machinery and teleconferencing technology.

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  • Advanced Science Research and Design

    The three-year Science Research program is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of scientific research and then immerse the student in the scientific research literature of their chosen field. Students will apply their knowledge to create hypotheses and experimental designs with the ultimate goal of performing original research with leading scientists. In the capstone of the Science Research program, students submit the results of their research to the Regeneron Science Talent Search in the fall of their senior year.
  • Computer Science Electives

    An understanding of computer science and its principles continues to grow in importance as a skill that supports growth and innovation across fields of study, innovation and business. Regardless of the field of study or career paths our students will pursue after graduation, we can be certain they will encounter a digital component in their endeavors. Like other sciences, computer science also helps students form an understanding of the world around them, and learn how to approach complex problems with unclear solutions. Milken students have the opportunity to explore computer science through a variety of introductory and Advanced Placement level courses.
  • CyberPatriots Teams

    ​Milken's CyberPatriot teams are part of the National Youth Cyber Education Program and participate in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. Students apply their computer programming skills to better understand issues of computer hacking and security. All rounds of competition in CyberPatriot, with the exception of the National Finals Competition, take place online. Check out their website at for more information.
  • Janssen Cancer Seminar Series

    Once a month throughout the school year, Janssen researchers work with a small group of Milken students and discuss their cutting-edge work in cancer research, from the lab through clinical trials and patient treatment plans. Students have an opportunity to be assigned a mentor from this group to answer questions they may have throughout the year.
  • MilkenKnights Robotics Team 1836

    The Milken Knights Robotics team gives students the opportunity to blend the excitement of live competition, the complexity and intrigue of problem solving and the tools of science and technology. At the heart of the robotics program, students participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a worldwide challenge that asks student teams to build a robot during a six-week window that adheres to strict specifications and is able to compete in live events. In the off-season, students strengthen their robotics skills through peer-to-peer workshops, outreach to younger students and leadership capacity building.

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  • Science Symposium

    The Science Symposium serves as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of MAST students. Students in the Science Research program present their work to their parents, the faculty of Milken, board members and local members of the scientific community. They explain their work, detailing both its importance and its significance in today’s scientific world.

Architecture + Design Institute

The Architecture + Design Institute is comprised of multifaceted design-based learning methods to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in product and structural design. Research, analysis, drawing skills and conceptual development provide the framework for creative problem solving and critical thinking. Students learn from professional architects and designers through presentations, panels, field trips and hands-on experiences in the community.

Design challenges are approached from a human and environmental perspective. Students study the sacredness of design through exploration of heritage and culture. 

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