At the heart of Milken’s mission is a commitment to preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow. Our relentless focus on innovation drives their creativity and ambition as they take advantage of exciting opportunities to imagine, discover and explore. Milken’s signature programs boost students’ confidence in their own abilities and give them the skills and resources to shape the future with their own two hands.

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  • The Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab

    Located on the Upper School campus, the Guerin Family Institute and Fab Lab is a state-of-the-art home for student exploration and invention. Housing a computer-aided design (CAD) lab, an engineering lab and a cutting-edge classroom, this digital workshop enables students to redefine possibilities in programming and design. The Guerin Institute and Fab Lab – an MIT-inspired Fab Lab – is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines and key programming tools and features open spaces meant to foster collaboration and support the free flow of creative ideas. Spurred on by their work here, many Milken students into national and international competitions, often walking away with prestigious awards and recognition.
  • Architecture + Design Institute

    Milken’s Architecture + Design Institute (ADI) is a national leader in preparing students with a comprehensive foundation in product and structural design. Using mathematical, scientific and artistic processes, students harness creative solutions to real-world problems, learning from professional architects and designers through presentations, panels, field trips and hands-on experiences in the community.

    Our students approach design challenges from both a human and environmental perspective. 

    Their time immersed at ADI enables them to study the sacredness of design through exploration of heritage and culture and to consider ecosystems, natural resources and the use of recycled, reusable and sustainable materials as critical factors in their work.
  • MAST

    The Mitchell Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) provides Milken students with extraordinary elective and extracurricular science opportunities. In tandem with our Science Department, MAST provides a wide variety of programs in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, sports medicine, environmental science and neuroscience. Access and support are key pillars of MAST: Students receive encouragement and professional guidance as they create their own advanced research projects.

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  • Teachers helping students explore x-learning discipline


    A unique program that connects students’ learning to their interests, X-Learning involves the Middle School community in the design process, engaging them to solve real-world problems and cultivating their abilities as innovators and entrepreneurs. The program harnesses the power of immersive learning, giving students access to a leading-edge Idea Lab that allows them to master vital design principles.
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    Idea Lab

    Designed to spark imagination and creativity, Milken’s Idea Lab introduces students to fundamental skill-building projects using 3D printers to create three dimensional art. Our digital design and fabrication tools range from laser cutters to state-of-the art large format printer and a vinyl cutter. In the Idea Lab, our students have the freedom to develop an innovator’s mindset and the competence to build whatever they can dream.
  • student prepares to display and present his project

    MIX (Milken Innovator’s Xpo)

    Each year, middle school students showcase their X-Learning work at the Milken Innovator’s Xpo (MIX), an opportunity to share the results of year-long, independent passion projects. Students have started businesses, developed apps and created gadgets. 

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At Milken Community School, we think education is more than what you know. Our School, founded on Jewish values, is about who our children can become and how they can help others become who they might be. Because the world our children will create tomorrow is born in the School we build today, our mission is to educate our children so they can surpass us.