School Administration

Dr. Sarah Shulkind, Head of School
Dr. Kimberly Schwartz, Upper School Principal
Limor Dankner, Middle School Principal
Rabbi Gordon Bernat-Kunin, Rabbinic Director
Nathan Humphreys, Director of Operations and Campus Safety
Lindy Kadouri, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Helen McKibbin, Director of Human Resources
Tanner Ragland, Chief Operating Officer

Middle School Leadership

Chris Scarlata, Assistant Principal (7 - 8)
Rabbi Aaron Finkelstein, Middle School Rabbi
Jason Kim-Seda, Academic Dean
Nicol Katzir, Counselor
Tatianna Massaro, Director of Academic Support

Upper School Leadership

Leigh Fauber, Assistant Principal (9 - 10)
Beau Lindsay, Assistant Principal (11 - 12)
Rabbi David Saiger, Upper School Rabbi
Whitney Fisch, Director of Counseling
Max Greenberg, Counselor
Sarah Farkas, Director of Academic Support
Jessica Feivou, Director of Student Recruitment
Ross D. Mankuta, Director of College Counseling & Academic Planning

Milken Leadership

Milken Community Schools is privileged to have committed administrators who work together to bring innovative ideas and programs to Milken. Recruited and selected from across the country, their collective background and leadership skills create a unique blend of talents required for success in 21st century educational paradigms.

Board of Trustees

Milken is dedicated to providing our students with an exceptional education using an innovative, integrated and rigorous curriculum.  Our mission is to develop confident, curious and compassionate students who engage the world through Jewish values.

-Lise Applebaum, Board Chair


Ms. Lise Applebaum, Chair
Mr. Ken Gross, Secretary
Mr. Leon Janks, Treasurer


Rabbi Ed Feinstein
Ms. Sherri Fogelman
Ms. Dana Guerin
Ms. Lauryn Harris
Mr. Leon Janks
Ms. Tova Leibovic-Douglas '03
Mr. Scott Lieberman
Ms. Janine Lowy
Mr. Lowell Milken
Dr. Farid Pakravan
Mr. Sean Rad '04
Ms. Nurit Robin
Mr. Ken Ruby
Mr. Richard Sandler
Mr. Anton Schiff
Ms. Nancy Schulman
Mr. David Shapiro
Mr. Daniel Tenenbaum
Rabbi David Woznica

Non-Voting Members

Dr. Sarah Shulkind, Head of School
Mr. Daniel Spiegel, Associate Head of School for External Relations
Ms. Chareen Kossoff, MPA President

School Information

Saperstein Middle School Campus
    15900 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049  
    Tel 310.903.4800 

Upper School Campus 
    15800 Zeldins’ Way, Los Angeles, CA 90049  
    Tel 310.440.3500  
    Fax 310.471.5139

Milken School is a college prep private day school in Los Angeles established on the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish values. This Jewish Day School serves students in grades 7-12.

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