Summer 2018 Faculty Workshop

Biology and Modeling Pedagogy

Modeling Instruction Workshop in Biology

This workshop covers topics in Biology as well as a deep dive into Modeling pedagogy. It is designed to be an engaging experience where teachers participate in hands-on activities, explore the research behind Modeling Instruction, and collaborate with fellow teachers to explore Modeling pedagogy. Participants will receive teaching materials and a one year AMTA membership.

Modeling instruction is a research-based pedagogy that is the only high school science program recognized as Exemplary by the U.S. Department of Education. Modeling addresses many weaknesses of the traditional lecture-demonstration method, including fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and persistence of naive beliefs. Modeling instruction organizes the course around developing mental models, thus helping students become better thinkers about core concepts. It applies inquiry and constructivist practices in mathematical modeling, proportional reasoning, quantitative estimation, and technology ­enabled data collection and analysis. The approach is entirely consistent with the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices. More information on modeling instruction is available at

Summer Biology Workshop Facilitators

Lead Facilitator

Chantel Dooley has a B.S. degree in Biology, a M.S. degree in Secondary Education, and she is on track to complete her PhD in General Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition and Instruction. Her dissertation is titled The Impact of Modeling InstructionTM in High School Biology on Student Scientific Reasoning. Chantel is the past president of a non-profit she co-founded, STEMteachersPHX, and a lifetime member of the AMTA. Chantel has taught physics, physical science, and biology all using Modeling InstructionTM in Phoenix, AZ. Chantel has lead and co-lead many Modeling InstructionTM summer workshops and continues to keep in touch with past teacher participants.

Assistant Facilitator

Clarissa Furlong has a B.S. degree in Cell Biology, a master's degree in School Counseling and a master's in Secondary Language Development. She founded and wrote curriculum for a preschool in Dublin, Ohio where the idea for student centered learning was born. She stumbled through creating modeling based instruction at the middle and high school level after attending a one hour Modeling presentation at a NSTA convention in the late 1990's. She finally attended her first workshop in Modeling Physics in 2008. She implemented the Biology Modeling program for years before attending a Biology Modeling workshop in 2016. As part of the Mobilise program, Clarissa has assisted in the design of a new Biology Modeling Curriculum. She attended the Modeling Instructor's Leadership Program in the summer of 2017. As Biology department head at Franklin Height's High School, she trained her colleagues in the use of Modeling Instruction during a one week summer program and continued weekly meetings. She is thrilled to watch the methodology being successfully implemented with IEP, ESL, AP, Honors and low achieving students. She is excited to join Chantel Dooley, one of her former instructors, as co-leader.

Where & When

Milken Community Schools
15800 Zeldins' Way
Los Angeles, CA 90049

This two-week workshop will meet daily from 8:00 AM to 4:00PM:
  • Summer 2019 dates TBD

Cost is $800 for the workshop.

A kosher lunch will be provided each day.

Graduate or continuing education credits are available. Please contact Damon Scoville before the workshop in order to set this up if you are interested.


Please contact Dr. Damon Scoville (Location Host) with any questions about this workshop:

Past Events

  • Modeling Instruction Workshop in Physics (June 14-July 1, 2016)
  • Modeling Instruction Workshop in Chemistry (June 19-30, 2017)

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